Canadian Literature Challenge
Filed under: CanLit Challenge — Ibis at 9:13 am on Sunday, October 30, 2005

Here is the thread in which I was inspired to create this challenge:
Hey Canucks! I have a CanLit question…
“In a way, I feel like an exile from (or at least a stranger to) my own country, in a literary sense. I can probably count how many Canadian books I’ve read. That’s pretty sad when I consider how many American novels I’ve read (not to mention British). I’m talking classics here not mass genre fiction (though I’m positive I could say the same for that too, but that doesn’t really bother me). I’m patriotic, in a nice, polite, Canadian way. I have an interest in my national culture. I’m at a point where I’m trying to address some of the shortfalls in my reading list (I’m trying to read some of those kiddielit classics that I missed out on, for example). So the question I have is, where should I start? What classic CanLit book would you recommend I read? ”

Here is the thread in which I announced this challenge:
Invitation to Canadian Lit 101
“I have a plan, inspired by suggestions given to me in my previous CanLit thread, to read through the entire New Canadian Library collection (though that might take a while!), along with any other Canadian books that come my way. If anyone else is interested in reading some Canadian classics, I’d appreciate the company. You’re welcome to join me for one or for all. I’ll announce ’em as I pick ’em.”